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FAX番号 :03-3832-3118

Exelite Innovations社

光貿易 Exelite Innovations EDFA 光アンプ

Exelite Innovations社は光ネットワークの進化と通信技術のブロードバンド化に応えるために設立されました。特に、SOA-MZIモジュールなど、研究開発分野での高い信頼性とコスト面への要求を満たすことを第一としています。

光貿易:Exelite ファイバパルスコンプレッサ XLT-FNPC  
メーカー Exelite Innovations【エクセライト イノベーションズ】
製品名 :ファイバパルスコンプレッサ XLT-FNPC
カテゴリー 100 / 160Gb/s 超高速製品
光貿易:Exelite インライン光アンプ EDFA


製品概要/Product Overview
EXELITE is offering two different products to cover the special needs of R&D groups in optical pulse compression techniques.

XLT-FNPC and XLT-NCF Product Series are specially designed devices that allow for fiber nonlinear pulse compression to the picosecond, sub-picosecond and femtosecond regime. Our fiber pulse compressors are based on high power Erbium doped fiber amplification and unique dispersion and chirp management in specialty optical fibers.

XLT-FNPC Product Series is our total solution for efficient pulse compression that incorporates an integrated high-power EDFA; hence this is a stand alone pulse compressing unit . There are no other requirements for this solution besides the input optical pulsed signal to be compressed.

特徴/Key Features

Technical Characteristics
Unique features
  - Bench-top design
- Transform-limited output pulses
- Ultra-short output optical pulses

- Very low output pulses pedestal
- High average output optical power
  - Custom designs to meet customer's special requirements (input peak power and output pulse-width requirements).
- Subsystem mid-access stage for the EDFA, so that you can use it in different applications.


- High-speed (> 160 Gbit/s) OTDM communication systems and research
- Optical signal processing applications
- Optical circuit and packet switching applications
- Interferometric measurements, Pump-Probe measurements, Fiber Dispersion and nonlinearities
- Terahertz applications
- Demanding peak optical power laser applications
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