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FAX番号 :03-3832-3118

Exelite Innovations社

光貿易 Exelite Innovations EDFA 光アンプ

Exelite Innovations社は光ネットワークの進化と通信技術のブロードバンド化に応えるために設立されました。特に、SOA-MZIモジュールなど、研究開発分野での高い信頼性とコスト面への要求を満たすことを第一としています。

光貿易:Exelite コンボ 光アンプ EDFA  
メーカー Exelite Innovations【エクセライト イノベーションズ】
製品名 :Combo Fiber Amplifier Series XLT-CFA
 コンボ 光アンプ EDFA
カテゴリー 光アンプ (EDFA / Raman / SOA)
光貿易:Exelite インライン光アンプ EDFA


製品概要/Product Overview
XLT-CFA Series is EXELITE Innovations "2-in-1" solution for offering high performance and lo-cost Erbium-Doped Amplifiers. XLT-CFA Series offers two Inline optical amplifiers in a single bench top package combinig compactness and significant cost reduction. The EDFAs inculuded in this "combo" module offer power levels ranging from 15 to 19 dBm with low noise figure and are suitable for R&D, optical tansmission, optical switching and optical processing applications that require the use of multiple EDFAs

The XLT-CFA is a bench top product, suitable for academic and industrial laboratories that require low-cost, compact and easy-to-use optical amplifiers. The product includes on/off key sqitch and current control for adjusting the emission status and pump current of both amplifiers. The front panel display allows for monitoring the emission status, pump cirrent and pump tenperature.
光貿易:Exelite コンボ 光アンプ EDFA
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特徴/Key Features
2-in-1 Solution
Low Noise Figure
Input/Output Isolation
ASE Management
Bench top Package
Cost Effective Solutuion
Polarization Maintaining ption upon request


R&D Applications
Product Testing & Evaluation
C Band Optical Transmission
Optical Switching & Signal Processing
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