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FAX番号 :03-3832-3118

Exelite Innovations社

光貿易 Exelite Innovations EDFA 光アンプ

Exelite Innovations社は光ネットワークの進化と通信技術のブロードバンド化に応えるために設立されました。特に、SOA-MZIモジュールなど、研究開発分野での高い信頼性とコスト面への要求を満たすことを第一としています。

光貿易:Exelite ハイパワープリアンプ 低ノイズ 光アンプ  
メーカー Exelite Innovations【エクセライト イノベーションズ】
製品名 :High-Power Pre-Amplifier Series XLT-HPPA
 ハイパワープリアンプ 低ノイズ 光アンプ
カテゴリー 光アンプ (EDFA / Raman / SOA)
光貿易:Exelite インライン光アンプ EDFA


製品概要/Product Overview
HPPA Series is EXELITE Innovations advanced series of amplifiers. These amplifiers are specially designed high power pre-amplifers. They combine the functionality of a standard pre-amplifier and a Booster amplifier in a single cost-effective product. HPPA Series offers high output power, very low noise levels and very low input power levels (-30 dBm). HPPA series is ideal for R&D appications and product testing in optical transmission, C band telecommunications, optical switching and signal processing, and every demanding power and high attenuation application, including high sensitivity detection.

XLT-HPPA Series maintan very low nouse output signal levels, due to speciak ASE management, with very high niminal gain, high saturated output power and input power levels as low as - 30 dBm. Short fiber lengths in all stages allows for short pulse amplification. XLT-HPPA Series also comes with a user-friendly control interface that includes a monitor display, a supply on/off switch, a laser in/off key-switch, power control and fiber input/output monitor (optional).
光貿易:Exelite ハイパワープリアンプ 低ノイズ 光アンプ
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特徴/Key Features
Multi-Stage Design
Low Input Power
High Optical Gain
Low Noise Figure
Input/Output Isolation
ASE Management
Bench top Package
Cost Effective Solutuion
Polarization Maintaining
Option Upon request


R&D Applications
Product Development
Product Testing & Evaluation
C Band Optical Transmission
Free Space Communications
Optical Switching & Signal Processing
High Sensitivity Detection
High Attenuation Applications
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