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マイクラム社はハイパフォーマンスのASICソリューションを提供するファブレスメーカーです。主に、 Si, SiGe, III-V (InP, GaAs) bipolar、ハイパフォーマンスCMOSのpower-saving high-speed、high-accuracy、and high-functionalityアプリケーション向けの製品を提供します。  

光貿易: MICRAM: 56Gbps Transimpedance Amplifier TIA5633  
メーカー MICRAM Microelectronic【マイクラム】
製品名 :56Gbps Transimpedance Amplifier TIA5633
カテゴリー マイクロ波関連
光貿易/MICRAM Microelectronic


製品概要/Product Overview
Brief description
The TIA5633 is a versatile High-Speed Transimpedance Amplifier for data rates up to 56 Gb/s.
Key features are:
- single-ended and differential I/O operation,
- very high small signal gain,
- small signal and limiting operation,
- high cut-off frequency,
- low noise,
- adjustable input offset,
- output sense for offset control,
- tunable frequency response,
- dc and ac coupled operation,
- adjustable output voltage swing,
- single supply voltage of -3.3V.
光貿易: MICRAM: 56Gbps Transimpedance Amplifier TIA5633
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特徴/Key Features
The TIA5633 consists of a fully symmetrical differential input buffer. This allows differential as well as single ended drive and is optimized for 50 Ω line termination.

For applications which require adjustable input bias or compensation of DC input currents (e.g. photodiodes) the TIA5633 allows to adjust the bias input current for each input independently. This feature can e.g. be used for offset cancellation, pulse shaping, duty cycle adjustment or vertical sampling point adjustment.

The TIA5633 exhibits a fully symmetrical differential output buffer which provides either one differential output signal or two single ended output signals. The nominal output amplitude is set to typ. 500 mVpp (differential signal) and can be increased to about 1000mVpp by using the output swing adjustment pin.


Main fields of application are:
- TIA for photoreceiver,
- single-ended to differential conversion,
- differential to single-ended conversion,
- amplitude regeneration,
- active power/signal splitter,
- 50 Ω line driver.
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