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光貿易:MPB Communications Fiber Laser EDFA WDM ASE
メーカー名:MPB Communications Inc.     【エムピービー】
MPBは1977年にR&D企業としてカナダに設立された光通信向けデバイス、光リンクおよび産業用レーザーの開発・設計を行う企業です。AT&T、BT、Telefonica、France Telecom、Teleglobe Canadaなどの通信キャリアから大型受注を獲得するなど、豊富な経験と実績でお客様のご要望にお応えします。

光貿易:MPB Fiber Laser Orange Fiber Laser - VFL-P-Series
光貿易:MPB Fiber Laser Yellow & Green Fiber Laser - VFL-P-Series
光貿易:MPB Fiber Laser CW Ytterbium-Doped Fiber Laser
● Fiber Laser Orange Fiber Laser
● Fiber Laser Yellow
& Green Fiber Laser
● Fiber Laser CW Ytterbium-Doped
Fiber Laser
・200 mW and 1000 mW models available
・Adjustable power to 20% of total at
 592 nm
・Narrow Linewidth, diffraction limited, linearly polarized output
・Exceptional Stability
 (long term stability 0.0 2nm)
・RS232 / USB interface with user
 friendly GUI
・200 mW to 2 W lasers, adjustable to
 20% of total output powerr
・Wavelength of 560 or 580 nm
・Narrow-line, diffraction limited,
 linearly polarized output
・Fiber-coupled output powers
 up to 15 W
・Excellent stability
・Custom wavelengths within
 1060 - 1120 nm
・Linearly polarized, DOP > 99%
・Narrow linewidth (<0.1 nm) for
 efficient frequency doubling
・User-friendly GUI


光貿易:MPB Fiber Laser Raman Fiber Laser - RFL
光貿易:MPB Fiber Laser Passively Mode-Locked Erbium or Ytterbium Fiber Laser - MLFL-P Series
光貿易:MPB Fiber Laser Ytterbium Micro - YFL-μ Series
● Fiber Laser Raman Fiber Laser
● Fiber Laser Passively Mode-Locked
Erbium or Ytterbium Fiber Laser
● Fiber Laser Ytterbium Micro
・Wavelengths ranging from 1120 to
 1650 nm
・CW powers up to 4 W*
・Pumped by multiple multimode laser
 diodes providing “soft failure”
・All-fiber, fusion-spliced optical train
 (no free-space optics)
・High-efficiency fused pump combiner
・Patented P-doped fiber Raman converter (simplifies design, increases reliability)
・Excellent long-term power stability
 (± 0.3%)
* Depending on wavelength
・Erbium: 30 to 80 MHz
・Ytterbium: 30 to 100 MHz
・Pulse durations
・Erbium: 0.4 to 5
・Ytterbium: 1 to 5
・Average powers up to 40 mW
 200 mW with integrated PM
 Yb-doped Fiber Amplifier
・Erbium: 1530 - 1565 nm
・Ytterbium: 1020 - 1100
・Linearly-polarized, environmentally
 - stable output
* User-selectable for 1.5 to 5 ps models
・Small form factor
・Low power consumption
・Output powers up to 3 W
・Narrow linewidth 〜50 pm
・User-friendly GUI

光貿易:MPB Network Solutions 1RUs
光貿易:MPB Network Solutions RMH Long Reach Transport Series
光貿易:MPB Network Solutions OTM-16
● Network Solutions
● Network Solutions
● Network Solutions
・Wavelength Converters - to interface 1310 nm short-haul data transmission to optically amplified systems. Data rates from E2 to STM-16 are available.

・Power Amplifiers - for post amplification before launching the signal into the link. Power amplifiers are available with saturated output powers from 7 to 21 dBm for both single channel and DWDM applications.

・Preamplifiers - to enhance effective receiver sensitivity; these preamplifiers provide one of the lowest noise figures in the industry.

・Raman Pump Sources - to provide distributed Raman amplification for long reach requirements.
・Raman Pump Source, Amplifier, PreAmplier and Transponder Cards, and Alarm and Monitoring Units are configured into our subrack. These PIUs are ‘hot-swappable’ for maintenance and repairs with the minimum disturbance to traffic on the network.

・The Remote Equipment Management (REM) - Series, provides the RMH subrack with local and remote monitoring and control. From 200 km to 500 km and beyond, the RMH-Series has the equipment that will support your complete telecom system needs.
- User-replaceable ITU grid laser source
 for line transmission
 (minimizes spares inventory for
 DWDM networks)
- Optical line output with high
 extinction ratio
- Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS)
 suppression to allow increased booster
 launched powers
- Out-of-Band Forward Error Correction
 (FEC): Typical channel gain improvement
 of 5.5 dB
- SDH Overhead monitoring on the line
 and tributary inputs
- 10 Mb/s user data channel between
 pairs of OTM16s

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