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FAX番号 :03-3832-3118

IntexyS Photonics社

光貿易:IntexyS Photonics

フランス・IntexyS社は半導体や光電気業界では広く知られた、高速伝送向けに高集積の光サブアッセンブリーを設計、製造、販売するベンチャー企業です。 IntexySのテクノロジは、高速シリコンエレクトロニクスにVCSEL、FP、DFBレーザー、ディテクタ、光変調器などの集積を可能にします。

光貿易:IntexyS Photonics 4G 850nm Surface Mount Optical Receiver Module  
メーカー IntexyS Photonics【インテクシーズ フォトニクス】
製品名 :4G 850nm Surface Mount Optical Receiver Module
カテゴリー 光パラレル関連
光貿易:Exelite インライン光アンプ EDFA


製品概要/Product Overview

Parallel Transmitter & Receiver Products
Intexys has developed a full range of parallel optical engines which can be packaged under different small form factor.
The versatility of the packaging allows assembly of modules either on board-edge or mid-board (rack to rack, board to board or on board applications). Moreover, the optical assembly and packaging Intexys technology enables high channel bit rate up to 10Gbit/s operation at low cost.

Product References
XP-TR1100-4?xx-yy-z : 4 channels transceivers
XP-T1100-4-EB : Evaluation board
Electrical interface : xx
- MA : 100pin MegArray
- MS : Soldered ceramic package
Optical Interface : yy
- M5 : MPO/MTP connector fiber of 50μm
- M6 : MPO/MTP connector fiber of 62.5μm
- P5 : Pigtailed with MPO/MTP connector of 50μm
- P6 : Pigtailed with MPO/MTP connector of 62.5μmHeat sink : z
H: with heatsink

光貿易:IntexyS Photonics 4G 850nm Surface Mount Optical Receiver Module
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特徴/Key Features
Aggregate Data link of 40Gbit/s ful duplex (4 Tx channels / 4 Rx channels)
Central Wavelength: 850nm
Small form factor Surface mountable package (17x17mm)
100-pin Meg Array pluggable connector
MTP/MPO optical connector
Low power consumption, no heat sink required
Management of Positive or negative Pre-emphasis
Hermetic package (option)


Large capacity switches, routers and access, supercomputers
Optical backplane rack to rack, board to board interconnects
Mass storage systems interconnections
Proprietary backplanes systems
Parallel OC 192, 10Gb Ethernet, 10G Fiber Channel
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