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Agilecom Fiber Solutionは光ファイバネットワーク、光センサーシステムおよびバイオ測定器向けに、高信頼の光コンポーネントを提供しています。 先端技術を駆使したコストパフォーマンスの高いAgilecom社の製品です。

Fused Biconic Splitter (FBS)


Fused Biconic Splitter (FBS)




製品説明/Product Overview

Agilecom’s fused fiber devices utilize a special manufacturing process (patent-pending) for high performance and reliability. The unique fiber loading, fusion, and packaging process has clear advantages in device specifications, cost and reliability, especially in harsh application environments of high temperature, high humidity such as submarine optic networks, underground oil/gas wells, and difficult military situations. The platform production lines allow us to provide product solutions for different applications of wavelength from 400 nm to 1700 nm using different fibers including standard SMF, PM, MM and 80 mm cladding fibers. Wavelengths can reach from 400 nm to 2000 nm and housings can be ultra-small or highly rugged. Many of the more recently developed products are optimized for high power. The fused fiber devices are qualified according to Telcordia standards.

Agilecom has a broad selection of high-quality couplers designed for long-term reliability, superior performance, and a wide range of uses in fiber optics, including optical transmission, long haul, subscriber loop, and fiber to the home, telecommunications, CATV, test equipment, optical fiber sensors, data communications and wide-area network.

Our ultra-low polarization couplers offer lower levels of sensitivity to polarization, an aspect of light that sometimes causes reduction in the power of the optical signal. Features include low insertion loss, large directivity, minimal polarization dependence, and environmental stability.

Our couplers are available in light duty, rugged packages, and can be supplied with a wide range of fiber pigtails, with or without connectors. The wavelengths insensitivity allows for wide tolerance optical sources. These couplers are manufactured to the strictest standards of the industry, with 100% testing as well as interferometer pictures of all connectorized fiber termination. As with all of our products, we guarantee the quality of our couplers. We also provide special solutions in fused biconic fiber devices with working temperature range from -40°C to +350°C for some special applications of fiber sensor systems in different environment.


特徴/Key Features

- Low excess loss and PDL
- High reliability
- High directivity
- Wide operating temperature up to 280℃
- Broad bandwidth



- Network monitoring
- Optical testing system
- Optical fiber sensors
- High temperature fiberoptic systems

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